Past Your Prime

“All Creatures of Our God and King” was written one year before St. Francis of Assisi died.

“All Hail the Power,” written by Edward Perronet, was penned when Edward was the youthful age of 55.

A good number of the hymns we sing across the world today were written by men and women who had been writing for a lifetime.

What does this tell us? Songwriters, keep writing. Musicians, keep playing! If you remain true to your calling, the Lord will bless your efforts in your latter years after he has made you a master songwriter and a master musician.

The world is upside down. They want to glorify the 20 year-old singer and discard the 50 year-old washed-up has-been. When the world scoffs at maturity and wisdom, God smiles upon it.

Just a year ago, the David Crowder Band broke up. Is David Crowder finished writing? Of course not! His best songs are yet to come.

Are you finished writing songs? Never! Because your best songs, just like David Crowder’s, are yet to come!