MicroFilmmaker Review: Reason 6.5

Just had another one of my MicroFilmmaker Magazine reviews released last month. Here’s an excerpt from the review:


Hailing from Sweden, Reason 6.5 is a music creation program for the Mac and PC. Reason supplies users with everything necessary to create film scores and sound effects from scratch—everything from synthesizers and sampled pianos to drum kits and orchestral strings. Unlike SonicFire Pro, the ability to write music is a prerequisite for this program, and those familiar with playing a musical instrument (preferably the piano) will find this program much easier to navigate. The quality of the sampled instruments is quite good for the price, and the possibilities to create new sounds with digital synthesizers are endless.


If any of you have interest in looking into this program for creating music, check out the rest of my review.


Worship leaders and musicians, have any of you used this program before?