Bill Nye, The Science Guy, on Creationism


I remember growing up watching Bill Nye nearly every week. I loved how much fun he made science. In fact, I think he is one of the reasons I love science so much today. For that, Bill Nye, thank you.

I must, however, strongly disagree with your perspectives on evolution and creationism. It saddens me–and frankly sickens me–to watch you give your life to studying the handiwork of God and deny His existence completely. I will be raising my son to look at a world through the eyes of our loving Father and Creator–the One who created the stars one by one. He will grow into a man that is Biblically and scientifically literate–two characteristics that in no way negate one another.

For those who are still on the fence in this evolution vs. creationism debate, read both sides. Read the secular scientists, read the Word, and read the Christian scientists. Then, make your own decisions. What should you research first? Take it from Bill Nye and look into how stars were formed.

As for and my house, we will continue to believe that God made every star and every species on this earth. And who knows. Maybe my son will even become an engineer and solve a problem or two.